How to Make the Best Frozen Custard


Our belief in what goes into the best ice cream is two-fold. First, you don’t need a lot of air. Overrun is the term for the amount of air added to the product during the freezing process. For instance, typical soft serve combines two ounces of mix and two ounces of air to make four ounces of product, or 100% overrun. We All Scream Frozen Custard Machines make 6 ounces of product out of 5 ounces of mix, only 20% overrun. Less overrun makes a very dense, rich ice cream.

The second secret to out-of-this-world ice cream, and the thing that really makes a difference, is a uniform small ice crystal size. The smaller the ice crystal, the smoother and creamier the product. Think of purchasing a carton of ice cream from the grocery store that has been sitting in the freezer too long. Over time the ice crystals grow larger and the ice cream becomes icy resulting in a grainy and unappealing dessert.

The best frozen custard is made fresh and frozen fast. The faster you can freeze ice cream, the smaller the ice crystal will be. With a We All Scream machine, the ingredients move in and out of the barrel and into the dipping cabinet extremely quickly, creating tiny, uniformly sized ice crystals.

And because frozen custard is served warmer, you don’t get brain freeze. You taste buds can actively absorb the flavor, making every bite sensational. We All Scream machines make the densest, smoothest, creamiest ice cream you will ever put in your mouth.