We All Scream™

Frozen Dessert Equipment & Consulting for Ice Cream Entrepreneurs

Lancaster Manufacturing


Our frozen custard machines make the thickest, smoothest frozen dessert you’ll ever put in your mouth.

So luxurious
you may never eat ordinary ice cream again.
So indulgent
your taste buds will thank you.
So darn good
your customers will never want to leave.

We All Scream™ Countertop or Floor Model Frozen Custard Machines are quiet, cool, safe, reliable, and nearly 3 times as efficient as other machines on the market.

Get that trademark mouth feel with frozen custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet, Italian ice, and gelato.

We support your investment with excellent customer service.

Your machines are backed by our warranty and service guarantee. Unlike many of our competitors, we do what we promise.

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